Best Complete Skateboards

Skateboards are bread and butter for many teenagers and adults alike. And while a good portion of the skateboarding community wants to feel the rush of building their board from the ground up, many prefer the pre-built or more commonly known as the complete skateboards for themselves. And if you are one of them and looking for the best complete skateboards, then you have found the right article.

Best Complete Skateboards

In this article, we will go through our top picks of the best complete skateboards in the market, along with some pro tips that will help you identify the best complete skateboards from the average ones. So, without further ado, let’s jump in, shall we?

Here is our list of the top 5 complete skateboards that are available in the market:




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Best Complete Skateboards


Preferred for Cruising skateboarding style

Deck Width is 7.75 inch

Wheel size is around 52 mm

Best Complete Skateboards

Minority Maple

Preferred for Transition and heavy weighted skateboarding style

Deck Width is 8 inches

Wheel size is around 54 mm

Best Complete Skateboards

Powell Flying Golden Dragon

Preferred for Beginner friendly skateboarding style

Deck Width is 7.63 inches

Wheel size is around 54 mm

M Merkapa Pro

Offers multiple  skateboarding style

Deck Width is 7.75 inch

Wheel size is around 52 mm

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser

Preferred for Cruising skateboarding style

Deck Width is 7 inches

Wheel size is around 56 mm

1. Best Complete Skateboards: KPC Pro

Best Complete Skateboards

If you were ever interested in skateboarding, then there is no doubt that you have come across the name KPC. KPC is a renowned brand in the skateboarding industry and regarded as one of the best, and their Pro series compliments that fame.

The Pro series is oriented towards two styles of skateboarding: cruising and beginners. Now it might come as a shock as to how can a beginner-friendly skateboard be good for cruising, and that’s true, but the answer lies in the maple build and wide deck of the KPC Pro, which supports the high positioning of the truck and also balances the weight of the skater. And the large-sized wheels are just perfect for cruising, to begin with.

The KPC Pro is also beginner-friendly as it offers a great balance for the users and also has a good grip. It also offers a multitude of designs which is a great attraction for skaters who want an aesthetic look for their skateboards.

So, if you are a beginner who wants to move high up in the skating world and also wants to experience cruising skateboarding, then the KPC Pro is skateboard is the perfect choice for you.


  • Good for beginners and those who want to move past the beginner tittle
  • Follows cruising skateboarding style
  • Canadian maple design with multiple vinyl option
  • Aluminum trucks for regular usage
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Overall, steady construction
  • Provides good grip
  • Handles heavyweight exceptionally


  • Bearing is not that good
  • Doesn’t offer grip tape
  • Wheels aren’t perfectly smooth

2. Best Complete Skateboards: Minority Maple

Best Complete Skateboards

Minority Maple is a common name for skateboarders who focuses on tricks and techniques pointing to the skaters who are more prone to go for transition skateboarding style as this board is perfect for transition uses and whether it's on park or stairs, the Minority allows you to bring out the best from your technique and tricks.

This skateboard is also a great pick for heavy-weighted skateboard style too, as it is capable of withstanding 220 lbs. of weight without any hindrance. Skaters also love the maple deck as it provides comfort and balance, which is quite unique compared to long size.

You can also find a multitude of color and design options for the Minority Maple, and the included 5-inch truck also ensures that you can cut corners smoothly and with ease. 

So, if you really want to move in the transition skateboarding world or just looking for an amazing heavy-weighted style skateboard, then the Minority Maple can make one of your top choices without any second thoughts.


  • An excellent choice for transition-based skateboarders as it offers more versatility and balance
  • Also, a great choice for heavily weighted style users as it can endure a good amount of weight
  • Seven layered hard ply maple deck provides the best comfort while skateboarding and also comes with a polymeric strap
  • Strong aluminum trucks for regular usage
  • Offers a steady price range
  • Provides grip tape attached with the deck
  • Strong construction and structure ensuring good durability for the users
  • Comes with a strong grip compared to other options at the same price range
  • Comes with multiple colors and design options
  • Has a set of high rebound wheels allowing the users to have more control over the skateboard.


  • Hardware is way too tight for some users
  • Wheels can come out as a bit too robust for some users
  • Not a good choice for beginners

3. Best Complete Skateboards: Powell Flying Golden Dragon

Best Complete Skateboards

One of the most recognized skateboards of all time, the Powell Flying Golden Dragon is the best option for beginners. It is also regarded as the most comfortable skateboard by many skateboarding professionals.

As this is a board oriented towards freshers and beginners, the first thing that a user will notice is the sheer robustness and the strong structure of the golden dragons. The deck is wide and is made of maple. Thus, it ensures good comfort and balance for first-time skateboarders. The deck also comes with grip tape, which is an added plus for many skateboarders.

The wheels are a bit harsher compared to other beginner-friendly options, but at the same time, the aluminum-based truck provides a great balance that you can only find in premium skateboards.

And for the design, it gets mixed reactions from skateboarders. You either hate the dragon or just love it. That’s how it goes. 

So, if you are looking for a skateboard for a complete beginner, then without any hesitation, pick the Powell Flying Golden Dragon, as it is one of the best beginner-oriented skateboards out there.


  • One of the best options for beginners or someone who started skateboarding after a long while
  • A strong and durable structure can endure a good amount of pressure
  • The deck comes with grip tape
  • Dragon vinyl design and slick finish
  • Plastic trucks to ensure proper balance and comfort
  • Has a great grip and bearings
  • Handles heavyweight without facing any problems


  • The dragon sticker might not be appealing to others
  • Not good for high-level tricks and techniques
  • Doesn’t offer or support any other style of skateboarding

4. Best Complete Skateboards:

M Merkapa Pro

If durability was your issue with skateboards, then don’t worry; the M Merkapa Pro has got your back. Its sturdiness allows the users to take high risking maneuvers without having the hesitation of the board’s aftermath because this skateboard was built to take in heavy impacts.

Oriented towards mini ramp skateboarding style, this skateboard can also be used in multiple other skateboarding styles like heavy-weighted and transition-based skateboarding styles. 

The seven-layered plywood maple deck is phenomenal if heavy impact skateboarding is the niche you are into.

This board is also a great option if you want to go for cruising skateboarding style. So, if you are into multiple styles of skateboarding, then the M Merkapa Pro should be your go-to option for the best complete skateboard.


  • Good for beginners and professionals alike
  • Can be useful for various skateboarding style ranging from mini-park to cruising
  • Canadian maple design with 7-layer plywood deck
  • Aluminum trucks for regular usage
  • A good option for people who are on a budget
  • Strong and sturdy build can take a heavy impact without any consequences
  • Offer a strong grip and withstand heavyweight with ease


  • For tricking the increased weight can be problematic for some users

If you are looking for a unique piece of a skateboard, then the Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser is the one for you. Made with artisan bamboo and maple wood, this skateboard is a work of art itself. And Quest is known for its masterful designs in the skateboarding community for a long while. 

This longboard is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to enjoy cruising with their skateboard. The 7-inch truck provides great balance and enables the users to make smooth and swift turns without hesitations.


  • Great for cruising skateboard style
  • Artisan bamboo and maple design makes this skateboard one of the most well-crafted skateboards in the world
  • Aluminum trucks provide good control
  • Pricing is great considering the unique design and outlook
  • As it’s a longboard allows the users more freedom
  • It comes with shock-absorbing wheels


  • Not preferable for beginners
  • The heavyweight can be a downside for many light-weighted users

Buying Guide

Now, finding the best complete skateboards can come out as a daunting task as there are a lot of factors and key features that you will need to consider. And that’s not all you need to factor in your preferred style, environment, and many more.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the most crucial factors that you need to keep in mind when picking the perfect complete skateboard for yourself:

Deck Size

Now, although deck size mostly depends on the style, you are trying to go with. It is still suggested to pick a deck size that you are comfortable with and can balance with ease. The standard deck size starts from 8 mm.

If you are putting personal vinyl on your deck, then consider if the added color has any impact on the deck’s overall weight. But this is quite rare in the skateboarding world. 


Maybe the most important component of a skateboard is the truck, and that’s because a truck is what holds an entire skateboard altogether. The positioning of the truck and size plays the most important role in this case.

Make sure that your truck’s size matches and synergizes perfectly with the deck's width, and depending on the truck’s positioning, your choice of wheel size will also change. So, remember, if you mess up with your truck, then your skateboard is already doomed. Because without stability and balance, how can you ride a skateboard?


Finding the perfect wheels can be a challenge will largely depend on the type of skateboarding style you are willing to go with. Medium size is always preferred for all-purpose use. But you should follow the durometer regarding each style before fixating on wheel size.

For complete skateboards, you can easily order with the selection of your specific wheels, which is a blessing for many skateboarders.


Although many ignore bearings on their skateboards, it is widely regarded as one of the core components for a skateboard. Durability is the key to finding the perfect bearings for your complete skateboard. But ensure the branding as there are many off-brand cheap bearing which can falter at any moment and can eventually lead to an accident which is something we all want to avoid.

A pro tip never skates on a rainy day as it is not only bad for your and might lead to unnecessary injuries but also is just horrible for your skateboard’s bearings. 


The grip between the truck, wheels & bearings should be compact at all times. A loose grip might lead to many complications, and not to mention it will also create a chance for a potential accident.

But for some styles, the grip can change but do a little bit of research on that before committing to a loose grip style.

Hardware & Durability

The hardware and its durability should be in top-notch shape; otherwise, you should avoid the purchase no matter how many good features and quality a complete skateboard have. And that’s because skateboarding is rough, and no matter how safe and secure your ride, your skateboard will go through harsh conditions.

So, it is your duty to prepare your skateboard for that, and if the hardware is not legit and durability isn’t great, then your riding experience will be horrible and can get cut short due to an accident that could’ve been avoided if you were careful with hardware and durability of your skateboard.

Therefore, ensure that you get the highest durable product for yourself.


Although the width is the primary focus for many skaters, weight is also significant when picking up a skateboard, and it becomes more valuable when you pick a complete skateboard as you won’t be able to change that unless you want to break down your skateboard, which was the first reason you opted for a complete skateboard in the beginning.

We prefer light-weighted skateboards in general as they are easy for doing tricks, but that can change depending on the style. For example, heavyweight is highly appreciated when going for cruising skateboarding style.


You should always consider pricing no matter what you are buying. And price range for complete skateboards varies from very low to extremely high. So, look for the features you need before making a wealthy commitment on a skateboard. Because if it doesn’t go with you, then it will be money wasted for sure.

Picking the Preferred Style

Now, the most critical factor that you need to figure out is which style you are going with because depending on that, many core features like setup, weight adjustment, the grip will factor in. 

There are quite a few styles available when it comes to complete skateboards. But there are the eight most common styles that cover almost every type of skateboarding style. And they are:

  • Beginner Style

It is the most common style for someone who’s just starting with skateboarding, and it is also preferred as an all-purpose build for many skaters. The deck will be of standard size, and particular focus will be given to the grip and wheel adjustment.

  • Heavy Rider Style

Weight never stopped anyone, and it goes the same for skateboarding. So, for heavy rider Style, the priority should be the width of the board; it should be around 8.5 inches at the least. The durability should be a top priority, too, as it will carry the skateboarder’s weight; it needs to have higher durability than an average board. 

And it is a no-brainer, but trucks and the wheels must be of good quality and durability; otherwise, it won’t be optimal for the rider.

  • Skatepark Style

Skateparks consists of ramps, rails, quarter pipes, and many more, and for that reason, the skateboard’s deck should be a bit wider than the standard size. A width around 8.25 inches to 8.5 inches should be perfect.

The wheels should be more significant than the usual size too, and we suggest you go for something between 53 mm to 56 mm. The truck’s position must also be slightly higher than the rest. 

This way, it will also allow doing technical tricks more swiftly 

  • Cruising Style

Who doesn’t love cruising with their skateboard in the countryside and for that, the Style is utterly different from any everyday skateboard Style because you need to extra swift this time, and for that, the first major change is on the wheels.

For cruising, the wheel size will be bigger than average, and it should range from 56 mm to 68 mm, where we prefer the latter size. The truck’s position will be higher, and matching your board width, and a wide board is preferred.

  • Street Style

Where you go with the bigger wheels on cruising, you go completely opposite for the streets. For the street style, the skateboard’s wheels should be short; somewhere around 50 mm to 53 mm is the preferred option. The truck’s position should be low and close to the ground, and the deck should be either medium or wide, depending on the rider’s choice.

  • Transition Style

For transition style, you need to consider parks, bowls, and a lot more. Some consider it the most difficult style due to the versatile location spots and the multidisciplinary. But for the most part, the deck should be around 8.25 mm to 8.35 mm. Trucks should be placed higher as there will be quite a few twists and turns, and wheels should be between 54 mm to 56 mm. 

  • Mini Ramps Style

This is more trick-focused, so a good amount of the settings can change depending on a specific trick. But for the most part, the deck size should be somewhere around 8.25 mm, and the wheels can range from 56 mm to 64 mm. Bigger wheels will obviously allow you to get more speed which is preferred if you want to do more tricks. 

  • Pool-n-Bowls Style

The general Style for this sort of Style is to go as wide as possible, so we suggest you go with an 8.5 mm or higher width. The wheels can be of medium size, so somewhere around 56 mm to 58 mm is the sweet spot. Deck durability should be a top priority for this Style.


Finding the best complete skateboard for yourself is a daunting task, to say the least because there are countless good and average options out there. And it is exhausting to go through those large number of options. 

But if you have come this far with this article, then it is safe to say that you have found the best complete skateboards you’re looking for and now know which is better than the rest. 

So, we believe it's time for you to get the best complete skateboard for yourself and start the journey of skateboarding; best of luck!

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