Best Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser skateboards unlike other skateboards like longboards, carve skateboards, penny boards are unique to their form factor. They are a little shorter than longboards but longer than carve boards and penny boards. There is also another variant of cruiser skateboard which is called the mini cruiser.

Best Cruiser Skateboards in 2021

You may be a little confused with all of these terms but this is why we’re here to help you choose the perfect cruiser skateboard for yourself. Along with that, we will also discuss cruiser boards in general and what you should look into while buying them.




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Best Skateboard Brands

7-ply Maple Wood Deck

Mini Wheel Flares

Comes in many different colors and designs

Best Skateboard Brands

ABEC 5 bearings with spacers

7-ply maple wood deck

Bogart Easy rider wheels are a joy to ride in

Best Skateboard Brands

Maple wood deck construction


Aluminum trucks help in the sturdy construction

Best Skateboard Brands

7-ply Maple wood deck construction

Wide, steep concave deck for comfort

Sanded wheel wells

Best Cruiser Skateboards

8-ply maple wood deck

Adjustable 7-inch kingpin trucks

Long deck shape for greater control and stability

Best Cruiser Skateboards

7-ply Canadian Maple wood construction

Narrow shape provides for lower speed carving

Die-cut grip tape provides good grip

Best Cruiser Skateboards

Strong and rigid build with hard plastic material

Small form factor, good for portability

High-quality stainless steel bearings

Built-in riser pads

1. Best Cruiser Skateboards: Landyachtz Dinghy 28”

Best Skateboard Brands

If you have tried to research for the best cruiser board, you might have stumbled around the name Landyachtz Dinghy quite a bit. And you have seen it for a reason. From our research and people’s reviews, this is one of the best cruiser boards that you can find right now. And we will be talking about some of the key features that make it.

The Dinghy is for people who already know how to ride. It is not however the best in terms of beginner riders. But it does have a very good level of control and is very responsive and fast. With that being said, it is also quite smooth to go around with.

The deck is made out of maple wood so there is no question about the quality of the product. It is a short cruiser board but its nose is a little too short for some people. The wheels are also great, providing good traction with the road and also quite good on pebbles or wet surfaces.

Overall the Dinghy board has some of the best qualitative features and also comes in about 18 different color or design options to choose from for your liking.


  • It is quite light and is short and portable
  • The deck is strong and is rated to last for years to come
  • Squared shaped pigtail which is great for flips and tricks
  • The mini wheels are great for control and provide good traction also


  • Not the best for beginners
  • The nose tail is a bit too short

2. Best Cruiser Skateboards: Arbor Pilsner

Best Skateboard Brands

The Arbot Pilsner packs quite the challenge with the Dinghy and for some, this board might just be better for their liking. The Pilsner is a great board, to begin with. It is compact yet has some of the control and feel to it when you ride it. 

Although shorter boards aren’t typically good for people who are beginners and are just learning to skate, when you get used to the pilsner, it is quite the joy to ride with. It has a buttery smooth feeling to it and is quite responsive. The stability of this board is also quite remarkable considering it is of a shorter form factor. It has no trouble going on pebbles or little imperfect roads.

The deck is made up of maple wood and so is great for durability. It acts as good support for the board as well. The bearings and the wheels are also quite good on it.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Enjoyable to ride on
  • Responsive and speedy


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • The grip of the wheels aren’t that good

3. Best Cruiser Skateboards: Magneto Mini Cruiser

Best Skateboard Brands

The Magneto Mini Cruiser as its name suggests is a smaller form factor cruiser. It is however a very good board and is reviewed and loved by a lot of skaters around the world. It is made up of good materials and provides a lasting design as well.

The Magneto is also quite good for kids or teens, those who won’t have the greatest time riding a medium or longboard. They are quite smooth and easy to control. As they made this to be ridden by kids or teens, it is a must to have good control and comfortable feel to it when you ride it. And it delivers to that claim. The deck size is 27.5 inches to the length and 7.5 inches for the width. The wheelbase is 18.5 inches. 

The smaller form factor of the skateboard means that it is easier to carry around. But it is a little heavier than most mini cruisers which are important for you to keep in mind. It weighs around 6 pounds or 2.7kg.

Apart from that, the deck is strong and provides good stability when riding. It has 6 different color or design options to choose from.


  • Good deck support
  • Smaller form factor
  • Easier to carry around


  • Heavier than normal mini cruisers

4. Best Cruiser Skateboards: Landyachtz Tugboat

Best Skateboard Brands

Another great board from Landyacthz is the Tugboat. It has very similar features to that of the Dinghy but it has some of its own unique features as well. The Tugboat is really comfortable to ride in. It has a smooth feel to it while being really responsive to the rider. Not to mention but it is also a little more beginner-friendly than the Dinghy.

The stability on this board is also quite noticeable. Even if it’s not speedy and aggressive like the Dinghy, it has some good comfort and smoothness to it which makes it friendlier with beginners. It offers a calm riding experience and also handles uneven roads quite well.

It also has more room than that of the Dinghy which makes it a more pleasant feeling when riding on it. The length and width of the board are 29.5 inches and 9 inches respectively while the wheelbase is 18.5 inches. It also comes maple wood deck so there is no slacking in the quality of the board as well. The deck holds up well and is quite durable.


  • Square shaped tail makes it easier to control the board
  • The short and oblong nose is easier to handle
  • It is quite smooth on the track and is comfortable to ride on
  • The steep but concave deck is more comfortable for longer riding sessions


  • A bit more pricey than other boards
  • It has a relatively larger size which can impact its portability

Unlike the other boards that you’ve seen here, this one, in particular, is different from the bunch. The Volador Freeride is a longboard, meaning its deck size is longer than mini or normal-sized boards. There is a couple of reasons people prefer longboards over other form factors. One of the key factors being stability. The shape of this board is also good at absorbing shocks, whether that is from roads or pebbles.

This longboard comes in a 42-inch length and 9 inches of width. The height above ground is 4 inches. So as you can tell by the length, it is almost double the size of a mini-cruiser board. It has adjustable truck mounts. This level of fine-tuning a skateboard really helps to make it comfortable and easy to control for the majority of people.

With all of that being said, there is no question about its durability either. It is made from maple wood which is essential for a strong base for such a long deck. It also comes with a lot of different color options or designs for you to pick from.


  • Easy to control
  • The long deck provides for greater stability and comfort
  • Maple wood deck, aluminum trucks, and carbon fiber bolts provide a strong and high-quality build


  • Not portable for its size
  • Not good for doing flips or tricks

The Arbor Fish features a narrow-shaped board design. These are especially great for speedy and aggressive skating. Unlike the Arbor Pilsner which has a more traditional style of deck design, the Arbor Fish has a more narrow shape towards both its tail and nose. This is to provide extra control and swift turns.

The Arbor Fish isn’t targeted towards beginners and is more for people who already know how to skate and want to get their skating skills to the next level. It can be considered as a longboard as it is quite longer than normal-sized boards to accommodate for its unique form factor or shape.

It comes in about 51.18 inches in length, 7.87 inches in width. If you know how to skate well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how responsive and snappy this board feels when you’re riding on it.

The deck is constructed of maple wood and so is quite durable too. It also has plenty of grip to it for providing good traction with the road. It comes in a few designs too.


  • More responsive control and feel
  • Has a solid build
  • The deck provides good grip


  • Not portable for its long shape
  • Beginners will find it difficult to ride on

As the name suggests, the Penny Australia is a Pennyboard which is the smallest size or form factor of a skateboard you can find. They are great for travel as they’re really small and lightweight.

They also feature good support for the rider. Because of their size, they are a little congested in the space category and may feel uncomfortable to some. And to accommodate that as much as possible, they built the deck as a concave design to maximize the comfort level for the board.

Penny Australia is made out of plastic. Now don’t let that fool you into thinking that this board is fragile in any way. Moreover, it’s sturdier than most skateboards out there. Even if they are made up of plastic, they machined it perfectly and to a point that they remain sturdy and rigid throughout many years of usage.

Also as they’re really small in size, they don’t require that much support on the deck so the plastic build doesn’t make them bad. Also as this is plastic, it can withstand any sort of inconveniences like rain, mud, a few drops here and there, etc.

Overall the penny board is an excellent board if you’re someone who’s always out and about and want something that is portable and compact. Because of the plastic build, it is also quite lightweight. It comes in a lot of different colors and designs to pick from also.


  • Lightweight and compact. Perfect for travels
  • Concave deck design to maximize comfort levels
  • Durable and can withstand any conditions


  • Not good for beginners

Info Section

Now that you have looked upon some of the best cruiser skateboards that you can find right now on the market, you might be wondering why they’re considered the best.

To answer that question and also to help you judge better for yourself and to pick a board according to your needs, we will be going through some factors that you should be on the lookout for. Many components make up a skateboard that is to be considered for us to judge to pick the best one for ourselves.

To help you do that, we made a short but descriptive guide for you to know your skateboard better.

Form Factor

The first thing you will need to consider when buying a cruiser board is what form factor best fits you. As you can tell by the options available on the list of boards mentioned, there are a few different sizes to choose from,

There are mini, normal, and long variants of them. Each of them has its attributes and set of features and perks to them. Not to mention they have their caveats as well.

Penny boards are the smallest of the bunch. They are easy to carry around and are lightweight. They have very little stability to them because of their size. As they do not have much space on them to stand, it may feel quite congested to stand-in. But people who know how to ride a skateboard and are usually on the go will love these. They can be carried around pretty much anywhere and they are also quite fast.

Mini skateboards are also quite small. They are usually harder to control and not the best for beginners. But those who know how to skate will be able to skate fast and swiftly with this board. As it’s light and compact, it is the best for doing flips and tricks as well.

Nor for normal-sized boards, they are the most common and well-reviewed size out of all the sizes. They are also quite beginner-friendly to use. They are the perfect balance between small but also not too small which provides for greater stability and comfort while you ride on them. They are also quite snappy and swift with their responsiveness and do quite well with flips and tricks.

Now for the longest one of the bunch or the longboard. The longboard is meant for cruising around the streets and the city. There is no way to do any flips and tricks with them as their size is too long. If you’re searching for something which has a lot of balance and something that will be comfortable to cruise around the streets, longboards are the perfect boards for you. 

Build Quality

The last thing you would want is to break your skateboard while riding on it. For that, it is wise to choose boards that are built well and we will be telling you how you can judge properly.

The first component you will be looking out for is the deck. The deck is the main support and base to the board. If it isn’t strong and sturdy enough, it won’t be able to hold on much. There are different types of materials used in the deck like Maple wood, hard plastic, metals, and even carbon fiber. The best option for you would probably be Maple wood.

Maple wood is a dense piece of wood that contributes to its rigid and strong structure. It is also important to keep in mind that the longer the skateboard will be, the more fragile it will be to its core. You will also see different layers of Maple wood construction.

They will be indicated as 7-ply, 8-ply. The lesser the layers of wood will be, the more fragile it will be to its build. So, especially on longer boards, you should be on the lookout for maple wood decks of higher-layer construction.

With that being said, hard plastic is also a good choice if you’re planning on buying small form factor boards like a penny or mini skateboards. Because of their short length, they are quite rigid, to begin with, and hard plastic material will do them just fine and for the most part, will be able to keep up.

Apart from decks, you will also need to keep a keen eye for the trucks and wheels of the skateboard. Aluminum-constructed trucks are the best for any truck construction and usually, a well feeling wheel will do you just fine. So, be sure to look out for the materials of the construction before you buy a skateboard.


The next big factor is completely based on you and how you want your skateboard to be. Many people choose skateboard as a form to cruise around wherever they go mainly because of how compact their sizes can be. But some people just want something they can ride on the streets comfortable and isn’t bothered to take it around with them.

For those who do like to go around places with their skateboard, a Pennyboard or a mini would be the perfect size for you. Apart from them being small in size, they’re also surprisingly lightweight and so are perfect for your travels.

The normal-sized boards are also quite compact and if you want something comfortable to ride on and won’t give away too much from the riding experience and stability, the standard size boards is also quite a good option for you if you don’t mind extra heft of it.

And for those who just want something they can cruise around within their city, the longboards are perfect for them as it’s the most comfortable and stable board that you will find on the market. They are quite hefty and aren’t great for portability. 


The number of choices and configurations you can choose from can be a little daunting the first time you look at it. But if you just step back and decide as to why you want a skateboard and what use case will it have, you will be able to choose the right one for you.

We hope this article helped you in your buying decision and also guided you towards what is the perfect board for you.

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