Best Skate Tools in 2021

Choosing the perfect skate tools is as significant as choosing a skateboard. With a well-packaged tool, it is even easier to fix by yourself without looking for any assistance. Several brands are now producing skate tools that make it hard to pick out whether a particular one is the best to buy. Are you having trouble with fixing a skateboard yourself? Don't know where to find an accurate skate tool? Check out these best skate tools!

Best Skate Tools in 2021

Check out these 8 skate tools specifically organized for you so that you can find them in the right place.




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Best Skate Tools in 2021

A compact tool hexagon sockets.

The presence of Allen Wrench makes it easy to store.

It comes with two skate tool kits.

Best Skate Tools in 2021

It comes in three different size sockets.

Allen Key (1/8”) is easy to detach.

An Axle Rethreader comes with ratchet capabilities.

Best Skate Tools in 2021

A multi-functional tool.

It comes with a Phillips head wrench screwdriver.

It weighs only 0.26lbs.

It also comes with pouch storage.

Best Skate Tools in 2021

It includes the slide in/out screwdriver with Allen and Phillip’s heads.

Three sockets for discrete tasks are present.

Applicable to all standard skateboard trucks.

Best Skate Tools in 2021

Materials are thickening and premium.

It is well-equipped with an Allen key with a cross screwdriver.

Three different-sized sockets are available.

Well-fitted sockets. 

The combined tools are easy to store.

The whole package comes with the slide in/out screwdriver.

Three variety-sized sockets and a Phillips screwdriver are available.

Stainless steel bolts and steel-coated nuts are available.

Screws are 25 mm.

An adaptable and all-in-one skateboard.

Three types of Hexagon sockets are available.

It comes with a Phillips Head Wrench.

1. Best Skate Tools: Sanjour

Best Skate Tools in 2021

It is one of the ideal tools from the brand Sanjour that seems to be a "must-have" on your list. It comes in a combined form of three available sized hexagon sockets, respectively, for hardware, wheels, and trucks. Even, skate tool is easy to store in the T tool as there is an Allen Wrench.

A solidly constructed skate tool is all we need in the maintenance of skateboard. However, do not worry about compatibility as this skate tool adapts from skateboard to penny board. Most importantly, this skate tool also comes in 2 packs, one for yourself and another for your any skate friends. 


  • An Age-appropriate gadget.
  • Convenient to use.
  • An ideal present for any skateboard lover.
  • Unique design.
  • Compatible with any skateboard type.
  • Affordable price.


  • Materials are not durable.

2. Best Skate ToolsBONA

Best Skate Tools in 2021

Here is another skate tool consisting of three-sized sockets. This time, the brand is BONA that is one of the well-known brands in the skateboard world. This skate tool is the complete package of impressive features, including a bearing remover, a removable Allen key, an Allen wrench, a precision file, a Phillips Screwdriver, and an axle re-threader. Here, the axle re-threader has ratchet capabilities. 

If you are worried about losing structure, let us ensure you that the detachable Allen key fits accurately into the right side of the handle, and for the top fixing, you may need a Phillips head screwdriver. On the other hand, this skate tool helps your skateboard to tighten up a little more. Overall, we cannot ask better skate tool than this to assemble our skateboard. 


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Worth the price


  • Assembling is difficult with the Allen key.

3. Best Skate Tools: Zeato

Best Skate Tools in 2021

This skate tool is a perfect choice to assemble any category of a skateboard. From changing wheels to cleaning the bearing, the Zeato branded skate tool helps in every situation. Similar to other skate tools, this skate tool has typical sockets and a Phillips head wrench screwdriver.

One of the lead features of this skate tool is its weight. It fits well in any place because of its lightweight. A carrying bag also comes with this skate tool for easy storage whenever you need it.


  • Compatible with any means of a skateboard.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Multi-functional in each repair. 


  • Plastic-made materials.

4. Best Skate Tools: CCS

Best Skate Tools in 2021

This skate tool is workable with all standard skateboard trucks. Also, the CSS branded skate tool is everything we need, starting with the slide in/out screwdriver with Allen to A Phillip's head.

Other specifications are pretty similar to the other skate tools as there are three different sized sockets respectively for hardware, wheels, and trucks. Also, materials used in these skate tools are of better quality.


  • Material quality is much better.
  • Compatible with all kinds of skate tools.
  • Convenient to use.


  • Price is higher compared to its features.

5. Best Skate Tools: KCALLSPEE

Best Skate Tools in 2021

One of the durable skate tools with premium materials is from the brand KCALLSPEE. This skateboard tool has three different sized sockets, and it is well-equipped with an L-shaped Allen key and a cross screwdriver.

Sockets come in great use, respectively, for hardware, wheels, and trucks. This skateboard tool comes with a complete package of 10Pcs speed washers to reduce friction between the bearing and axle nut. 

Here, zinc-coated speed washers are in a perfect diameter of 0.3 inches that fits on all types of skateboard trucks.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • A low-priced gadget.
  • Adaptable with all types of skateboards.
  • Both plastic and metal materials are High-quality.


  • Not all features function well.

An easy-to-store skate tool is portable and easy to carry wherever we go for skating. This skate tool is more specifically a T tool from the brand Losenka. Here, the skate tool is well-adapt to all standard skateboard trucks.

You can get this whole package of skate tools with a slide-in/out screwdriver with an Allen, a Phillip heads. However, the skate tool is for both beginners and professionals.


  • Affordable price.
  • It fits well in any place.
  • Adaptable with any category of a skateboard.


  • Poor design.
  • Not applicable for everyday use.

This skate tool is one of the best for regular use. A whole package comes in T-type tools and skateboard hardware. Here, screws come in good length. Do not worry about the quality of hardware material because the BESIY maintains the highest quality while making these tools. You can find some central specifications in this product, for example, stainless steel bolds and steel-zinc coated nuts.

For your ease of use, the manufacturer includes eight pcs of screws and an all-in-one skate tool. Do not worry about its adaptability, as this skate tool applies to any skateboard with standard hardware.


  • Reasonable price.
  • The quality of the material is top-notch.
  • Compatibility depends on standard hardware.
  • Durable.


  • Fixing this skate tool needs proper guidelines.

This unique-designed skate tool from the brand VANPRO comes in positive notations. Having this skate tool is a kind of blessing to experience a unique journey. This all-in-one multi-purpose tool adapts specifically with longboards, penny boards, and skates.

Sockets come in standard sizes, but the materials are ABS plastic. The whole package includes a T-shaped Allen Key and an L-shaped Phillips Head wrench screwdriver.


  • Plastic-made black handle.
  • Sockets are well-fitted.
  • Not an expensive tool.


  • This tool lacks advanced features.

Skate Tools Info Section

Skateboarding is an action sport that requires appropriate maintenance for having a smoother experience. Keeping maintenance is now trouble-free as all-in-one skate tools are available in the market. As a result, you don't need to buy them individually.  Such skate tools don't not only save your time but also save your money. 

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field of skateboarding. It matters whether you have given a thought to its maintenance or not.

An all-in-one tool can be worthwhile to use while addressing any exigency issue. As manufacturer companies prepare skateboards for all ages, their demand in the market is pretty high.

Gears need maintenance and proper care too. Having the best tools help you repairing your skateboard smoother. Any skateboard is well-equipped with a deck, trucks, wheels, shorties, bearings, separators, grip tape, nuts, and screws. Choosing the right tools can be difficult.

But, without having any genuine guide to utilize tools can be a more difficult task than that. That is why, to assist you in this matter, we have brought a list of advice here down below:

Significant Components to Consider

  • Screwdriver

Screwdriver: One of the popular screwdrivers in skateboard hardware is the Screw Head. Sometimes, skateboard companies try to use Allen Brand's Hex Key Screw Heads, including a unique feature and promising outlook. Among different classes of screw heads, you can easily use any of these two to repair your board.

  • Socket

If you have already seen the specifications of our best-chosen products, you would see that every skate tools come in three varied sizes of sockets. These different sizes work in three variety of areas.

For example, the main task of the socket sized 3/8" is fixing the hardware nuts to attach the truck to the deck, the ½' socket tries to keep wheels on the truck's axle, and the last size 9/16' socket loosen the kingpins for easier turns and exact rides.

  • Bearing Remover

The main task of an axle of the truck is to check the bearing. Unfortunately, experts do not like to utilize this method. We can draw a solution by using bearing remover into the wheel, and at the same time, loosen the bearings as bearings come in jammed nature sometimes.

  • Grip Tape File

We can use a piece of metal to adjust the edges of the gripped deck by applying grip to the deck. Using the edge of a knife is the worst decision, and it would be advised to you not to use that. Cause, skateboard companies are in the process of making tools for filling the grip tape.

  • Truck Axle Re-threader

Rethreading the truck regularly is a must-do at the time of its maintenance. It is because there is a possibility that axle nuts and wheels come off you while skating. Also, the truck axle re-threader will help you in such a matter.

  • Size and Portability

Without considering the matter of size during buying skate tools would be a great mistake for sure. There are hundreds of pocket-sized skate tool available that keeps you endurable while skating.

Unless you need a bearing remover and a grip tape file at the time of skating, you can store them in a place because of their heavy repair duties.

  • Price

Prices vary on the number of specifications and quality of the in-built materials. The standard price range of a skate tool ranges from $10 up to $25. Without discounts sometimes, brands sell skate tools within $10.


  • When do you know you need new bearings?

Sound and the speed of wheels can give you a shot at changing your bearing. Wheels tend to stop all of a sudden, and it is one of the signs to have your bearing changed. 

  • Do skate tools apply to all types of skateboards?

Most of the branded skate tools apply in all types of skateboards starting from roller skates to long-board.

  • Should We Buy an All-in One Tool?

Most of the time, a skate tool comes in central accessories with a Phillips screw, Allen key, shorties, three-sized sockets, and nuts sizes. Such a multi-purpose tool can assemble your stuff quicker.


Multi-functional skate tools are a great deal of choice for enhancing the performance of the skateboard. Also, an activity like skateboarding is now likely to be satisfied without having proper nurture. 

That is why our abovementioned skate tools ensure premium quality as per standards. However, we would like to purchase BONA branded skate tool to make our skating journey more memorable because the skate tool is a perfect deal for its price and exciting features.

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