Best Skateboard Brands

Best skateboards come with certain features that other skateboards don’t contain. Such features also come with a bit of price. Good quality skateboards cost a bit more than the average ones. But, you will still be able to find the best skateboards with all the features you need within your price range.

Best Skateboard Brands in 2021

Junli, Baker, and Magneto are 3 of the best skateboard brands that make fantastic skateboards! Today, we’ll review the best skateboards from each of them.

Best Junli Skateboards in 2021

Junli is one of the most trusted manufacturers of Skateboard around the world. They manufacture skateboards for all ages and all stages of skateboarders. The quality of the boards is compelling. These boards have the latest features to give you the ultimate skateboarding experience. The wheels and trucks on the board are made with safety cautions to ensure you have a safe experience with the board. Finding the best skateboard brands out of hundreds is a daunting task. We’re here today with the best skateboard brands to help you!




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Best Skateboard Brands

Polyurethane Wheels 

200 Pounds Load Capacity 

7 Layer Canadian Maple Deck

Best Skateboard Brands

9.5 Inches Wide Deck 

80A Durometer 

Aluminum Alloy Trucks

Best Skateboard Brands

60 Millimeters Wheels

330 Pounds Load Capacity 

Polyurethane Wheels

1. Best Skateboard Brands: Junli 32-Inch Skateboard

Best Skateboard Brands

If you are not looking for a wide longboard, then this is the model for you. This model of Junli Skateboard has a 32 inches long and 8 inches wide deck. The deck is made of cold pressed into seven layers of maple wood that are imported straight from Canada to ensure the sanctuary of the ultimate skateboarding experience. This board comes with a maximum load of weight 200lbs. Therefore, it is suitable for kids, adults of any ages and even experienced skateboarder. 

Junli skateboards are furnished with 95A PU, and this feature is hostile to stun sturdy wheels. The finishing of the wheels has ABEC-11. This model has gripped bearing steel for fast accuracy direction for you to move comfortably and steadily. There is also a 5.25 IN built-up aluminum and amalgam combined truck. This model has a very lightweight body. The high versatile PU support cushion on the board gives you the guarantee of absolute smooth cruising. PU pads support the truck to give you a secure and smoother riding experience.

This Skateboard is designed to be non-slippery so that you have a firm grip on the surface. In addition, the board has a body with a coated surface that is water-resistant.

Overall, the high thickness emery holds tape that gives you a better grasp and simpler control. This model has a twofold kick open plan for simpler slowing down. It is simple for the beginners to control the board and learn new stunt easily.

Junli standard skateboards utilize heat move printing design to give the body an eccentric look. So the designs on the body you see are imprinted onto the board, not a sticker. You don't need to stress over the blurring or vanishing of the print no matter what. The design is perfectly pasted. 

The board is shipped to your door in completely assembled form. So you do not need to be bothered about figuring out the properties. This assembled Skateboard is ultimately amassed, and each Skateboard is furnished with an across the board T-apparatus. This feature helps you to work with your dismantling.



  • It comes in fully assembled form
  • The body is imprinted with a heat move painting design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • It has a water-resistant surface
  • The thick surface of the body gives you a firm grip


  • Not the best choice if you prefer longboards

2. Best Skateboard Brands: Junli 41-Inch Skateboard

Best Skateboard Brands

Here is another model of the long Skateboard by Junli Skateboard. This beautiful model is better than the average ones because it is much longer in size, so you have more room. We would strongly recommend this particular model if you were looking for a longboard. This model has a 41 inches long body . The length of the body covers the most space to have control over the ground. The width of the body is 9.5 inches. If you are looking for a balanced board, this is the one for you. 

The trucks of this board are highly responsive. There are 7 inches wide with the aluminum and alloy combination. And we must mention the ultra-high flexible PU support pad that compliments the trucks, providing control and soundness over the board. 

The deck of this model is made of a cold press with eight standard layered maples. The maximum weight load, the deck, can take is 330Ibs. The deck is brushed with a dark surface for antislip. It is to ensure you have a safe and secure skateboarding experience. But helmets and knee caps are still a must, do not forget that. 

Next, let us talk about the wheels on this model. These wheels have the most durability with 70mm X 51mm measures. They also come with a rock finish of 80A. The best part of these wheels is the ABEC-11 fast course. This bearing allows you to move fast at the same time gives you total control of the board. You will feel a tight grip on the surface. The beauty here is that you still get to be light on the foot. Plus, the board is not noisy at all. 

You are up for one versatile skateboarding experience with this model. This model is built for downhill, speed and free-form riding. The wheels give the board a wide turning radius. And it is suitable for all age. At Junli, the manufacturers are developing boards to support the skater's strength, balance, and response.

And to give them the most fun experience possible. This model is perfect for you if you are just beginning and practising some freeride stunts. It is a very smooth riding board, and it won't take long for anyone to learn how to use it. This model comes at quite an effortable price for the quality they offer. All in all, it is budget efficient. 

The lightweight body with stun retains ring to ensure smooth cruising. On the shipment, the board is fully assembled. You will find a board ready to skate upon delivery. However, each of these models is outfitted with an across the board t-instrument for you to disassemble if needed.

This amazing deal leaves room for you to make personal modification on the board with the quality body of Junli manufacturers. They also offer you a 30 days discount if you face any issues regarding the quality of the board. 


  • This board is easy for beginners to learn freeriding.
  • The wheels allow firm control on the ground.
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Guarantee on the product quality
  • A lightweight body with durability


  • Regular board users might need some time to adjust

3. Best Skateboard Brands: Junli 23-Inch Skateboard

Best Skateboard Brands

This is a mini skateboard model by Junli manufacturers. This model is designed for excellent performance quality. Junli 23 Inches Skateboard is very popular among children. Adults can ride this model too, but the 23 inches long body may not be enough room for an adult to move too comfortably. 

This model has quality led wheels that are very smooth and agreeable control. The 80 A wheels are enormous. These are delicate to help your skating on every single smooth surface or even unpleasant ground. The 4 PU wheels will give you a superior sensation of wind pursuing. The design is intended for long haul use. What's more, the wheels will illuminate during movement, quite an excitement.

Additionally, the wheels on this model have the ABEC-11 speed direction modification. The bearing on the wheel allows firm grip and easy control for a safe ride. As this model is most suitable for children, safety cautions are the priority. This model has a more elevated level of accuracy, and the orientation is fitted with rapid oil to guarantee smooth running.

So the friction of the wheels is very easy going at the same time it is easy to stop. The wheels can quickly adapt to any surface level, so you do not have to worry about having a smooth road while skateboarding. You can just focus on the movements of your foot. 

This model is very convenient to move along. The deck of the Skateboard claims a reduced body of 23 inches only. And it simply weighs about 4lbs. The super lightweight body allows you to carry it around without any hassle. And when a kid has a favorite skateboard, you must consider how essential it is to be able to travel with the board. In this model of Junli Skateboard, they made paid attention to every small detail. 

The truck on this board is unique. Compared to the customary 3-inch truck, this model has 4 inches aluminum and amalgam combined truck. The truck is complemented with a PU pad. These pads are more extensive and thicker. They help the truck glide more smoothly than ever. The primary material of this board is polypropylene. It comes in an exotic flame designed body. The print on the body makes it remarkably appealing to children. The board is sturdy and waterproof. You do not have to worry about the paint to come off; the paint on the body has a finishing of heat that makes it permanent. We must also mention the great stun retention and speed decrease capacity of the board. 

This model is considered to be a fit for everyone. This board is intended for youngsters, teens or grown-ups who need to make some great memories or have a smooth and agreeable ride around. The weight capacity of this board goes up to 330 pounds. So, this cruiser skateboard is ideal for youngsters, adolescents. Junli manufacturers deliver the board to your door in a fully assembled shape, so you are good to go upon the arrival of the product. 


  • The wheels have the ultimate safety precautions
  • The board has a very light weight body
  • The paint on the body is permanently set with heat
  • This is an excellent choice for children and beginners
  • A perfectly durable truck and deck


  • No additional grip tapes

Buying Guide to Best Junli Skateboards

Junli has a number of skateboards in the market. To pick the best one that suits your requirement, you need to understand some of the facts you need to consider while buying a good skateboard. 

  • Skills

Your skills on the Skateboard are an important thing to consider while deciding the perfect board for you. It is better to start with a regular-sized board with firm grip on the ground if you are a beginner. If you are an expert in skateboarding, then you should go for fast and smooth wheels.

  • Trucks

Skateboard trucks are metal T-shaped pieces that attach to the underside of the Skateboard and lock the wheels and bearings to the deck. They're an important part of building your own Skateboard, and they may have an impact on how you ride it. This part of the board can be customized, so you can be experimental with the trucks. 

  • Deck

The skate deck is the flat board on which you stand. A shortboard, rather than a longboard or cruiser, is best for street skating. It's also crucial to choose the right board shape. What moves you can perform on your Skateboard depends on the length, breadth, materials, and concave of your skateboard deck. So you ought to be careful.

  • Wheels

There are numerous interesting points while picking your next set of skateboard wheels. Indeed, even a little distinction in wheel size or hardness can change how your board feels and rides. Tracking down the best skateboard wheels all boils down to individual inclination, dependent on your skateboarding style.

There are mainly three kinds of skateboard wheels that are fun and useful for various sorts of riding. For park/road wheels, cruiser wheels or longboard wheels are ideal to choose from. 

  • Weight

A standard skateboard deck weighs between 2-5 pounds, which implies without trucks, course, wheels, and hold and you remaining on it. You can re-design their items utilizing more grounded, lighter materials for the greatest execution for skateboarders throughout the long term.

Best Baker Skateboards in 2021

Introduced to the world by the famous Andrew Reynolds, the Baker Skateboards are quite popular among the ‘stoners turned skaters’ youth currently. To a major portion of the youth, drug addiction goes hand in hand with sports; exactly why baker skateboards are famous.

In addition to being relatable to the stoned generation, baker skateboards proved to be versatile and provide several benefits- making them the next ‘hit’ thing in demand.




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Best Skateboard Brands


For beginners

Good for balance


Best Skateboard Brands



Comes in vibrant colors

Good quality trucks attached

Best Skateboard Brands


For beginners

Grip tape attached 

Maintains stability

Best Skateboard Brands


For beginners


Ideal for balanced gliding


For beginners and professionals

Ideal for pulling off stunts


1. Best Skateboard Brands: Factory Assembled

Best Skateboard Brands

Made of maple wood, the factory assembled baker skateboard is pre-built and perfect for beginners. The wheel size is approximately 52 mm, while the deck is 8 inches; making it stiff for you to balance on.

Moreover, the skateboard comes with a bearing for the wheels as well. In addition to these, the skateboard arrives with raw-finish trucks for you to skate on!


  • Full-length deck
  • Bearings to protect the wheels
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Balanced and stable


  • Not customizable

2. Best Skateboard Brands: Skateboard Deck

Best Skateboard Brands

With a length of 32 inches, this baker skateboard is ideal for professionals who wish to stand out while skating. The vibrant colors that it offers ultimately add more to the edgy persona of the bakers. Furthermore, the deck is around 8 inches, making it perfect for stability. Lastly, the wheelbase is wide, ensuring a firm grip on the deck. It’s time to get your hands on this versatile option!


  • Several styles available
  • Balanced gliding
  • Wide wheelbase
  • Long deck


  • No grip-tape attached; not suitable for stunts

3. Best Skateboard Brands: Grip-tape Deck

Best Skateboard Brands

The baker skateboard offers a deck of 8.125 inches, for the ones gliding through their high. The skateboard itself is made of Canadian ply wood, ensuring durability. Moreover, the grip tape attached helps you perform stunts with ease. Overall, this option is ideal for beginners!


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Pre-built and durable
  • Grip-tape attached


  • Not for professionals
  • Not customizable

4. Best Skateboard Brands: Logo Deck

Best Skateboard Brands

This baker skateboard comes in a mid-length size, with a deck of 7.5 inches. Made of their signature maple wood, the skateboard ensures durability and stability. The pre-assembled characteristic makes it ideal for beginner bakers, who wish to glide through the track. In addition to these, it comes in two colors of red and white!


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Affordable price range
  • Ideal for gliding


  • Not suitable for multiple stunts
  • Not customizable

The baker skateboard arrives with a deck of 7.56 inches, making it a mid-length board for suitable shoe sizes. In addition to that, there is a grip tape attached to the deck, making it ideal for the professionals wishing to pull off their tricks on the skating track.

Moreover, the deck is made of Canadian ply wood, ensuring durability. The parts are already assembled for you to get rolling!


  • Durable and stable
  • For beginners and professionals 
  • Grip tape attached
  • Suitable for stunts


  • Not customizable

Buying Guide to Best Baker Skateboards

While some users buy the baker skateboards out of the pure fantasy of the stoned world, some skaters verify the features and characteristics as well. It’s essential that you understand the basics of skateboarding to land yourself the perfect match, or else you’ll end up with a deck that doesn’t suit your style.

  • Parts

The parts of a skateboard assemble together to bring about the product. Similarly, the baker skateboard consists of these portions, and to get your hands on the best one according to your skating skills and requirements, it’s vital that you have some basic knowledge about the parts overall.

  • Deck

The main platform for you to balance or stand on, helps you maintain your ground while you’re almost flying up the sky. A baker skateboard’s deck is usually made from laminated wood, put together in multiple layers.

  • Trucks

Since you’ll be pulling your stoner tricks on the baker skateboard, the trucks allow your skateboard to adapt to the swift turns and switch to any direction that you wish them to. Moreover, the trucks assist your wheels to get the accurate axles to perform.

  • Wheels

Wish to roll over and swoosh like a magic wand? The wheels are the primary characteristics for you, then. The wheels make the baker skateboard move as you please; make sure you opt for the wheels that you can adapt to your skating style.

  • Bearings

These are what protect your wheels from damage, no matter how many moves you pull off with your skateboard during your high. The bearings cover the wheels, allowing you to glide freely across the baked alternate universe you’re in. What else can you possibly ask for?

  • Grip Tape

There, there- you need proper grip for you to stay on the board, without falling during the many baked stunts that you wished to pull off. Thus, the grip tape is crucial as it helps you stay on the deck by taping yourself to the skateboard.

The baker skateboard is particularly recognized for its many levels of grip available for the stoner to choose from, making it perfect for the ones with many tricks up their sleeves; or should we say- joints?

  • Hardware

The spare parts, which hold your deck and trucks in place. Without these nuts and bolts, your baker skateboard would have fallen apart. Thus, make sure to check all screws are tight before getting on your skateboard, bakers!

  • Types

Before purchasing your desired baker skateboard, make sure you know the kinds of skateboards available to map out your preferences clearly!

  • Standard

These are the ideal choices for beginners, with a firm structure that shall avoid any slips or damages to the skateboard or to the baker himself.

  • Cruiser

These lightweight options are perfect for the ones who wish to glide through the concrete jungle, without having to settle for any obstacles. Moreover, the variety of shapes this skateboard arrives with helps you pick the best one suited for your abilities.

  • Longboards

For the bakers who are head over heels for balancing, the longboards are your ideal match. Not only do these provide the best balance possible, but they help you get a firm grip while you skate through the high.

  • Sizes

Since you know the types now, it’s imperative that you get familiar with the sizes that the baker skateboards arrive with. It’s wise to remember that your skateboard size shall comply with your shoe size.

  • Full-length

For an individual with a 9 and above shoe size, the full-length skateboards are perfect. The wide deck with a width of 7.5 inches and above assists you in achieving the perfect balance between stability and techniques.

  • Mid-length

The mid-length skateboards are made for people with a shoe size between 6 and 8, and a height of 4’5’’ approximately. In addition to that, the deck width ranges from 7.25 inches to 7.4 inches- making it wide enough for the aforementioned height.

  • Mini-length

These mini-length skateboards are mostly made for children who wish to skate, with a shoe size between 2 and 5. Thus, if you’re looking forward to getting one for your little sibling alongside yourself, this shall be the perfect addition! 

  • Micro-length

Similar to the mini-length, the micro-length skateboard is for the little ones with a shoe size of 1. Grab this along with your baker skateboard, and you can practice skating together! With that being said, remember to maintain the age limit at all costs.

  • Pre-Built

The pre-built baker skateboards are perfect for beginners, with no idea about the skating preferences of their stoned self. The pre-built options come with all the essential parts assembled together already, maintaining some general measurements for all. If you’re looking for cheap baker skateboards, these are the ones for you.

  • Custom

The custom-built baker skateboards let you pick your desired parts and set them up into your personalized skateboard. If you’re a professional baker who has been skating for a while now, you would know your preferences in a typical skateboard. Thus, the custom feature helps you design the perfect baker skateboard for yourself.

Best Magneto Skateboards in 2021

If you are looking for an affordable skateboard, then Magneto, this new California-based longboarding company is something you should definitely look into. With almost all of their skateboards under $150, you will find a wide range of options for you to choose from that will not squeeze your pockets.

One might think that given its price range, the quality of its products might take a toll. But this is definitely not the case for Magneto. Customer reviews have mostly been positive for them. 

As such, if you are curious to know more about Magneto skateboards and find out what they have to offer then you have come to the right place. Read ahead as we review the best magneto skateboards.




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44-inch longboard 

Bamboo veneer and maple core construction 

70 mm wheels with a 78a soft urethane

Constructed of bamboo with hard maple core 

4 different styles 

Sand grip 

Deck made from 6 full plies of Canadian Maple 

Has double kick tails 

Trucks made from gravity cast aluminum

Has a patent-pending slot 

Deck made from aluminum 

The bottom ply has a layer of triaxial fiberglass 

Features a W-Concavity 

Made from 3K carbon fiber weave, bamboo, and fiberglass 

Has recessed truck mounts

If you are a beginner or a pro, then one of Magneto’s most popular skateboard the Kicktail Cruiser is a great option. This 44 inches longboard has a high-quality deck made from a bamboo veneer top and a maple core bottom.

This makes the deck extremely durable and can be used to cruise or skate around. To add to the durability of the Kicktail Cruiser, the trucks are built from gravity cast aluminum. If you are looking to get into longboarding, the kicktails on this board make them super functional for every kind of riding style.


  • Affordable price range
  • 3 different wheel color options, black, blue, and red
  • Smooth and soft wheels provide extra grip


  • The height of the longboard might be difficult to adjust for short people 
  • The trucks are slightly loose and might need adjustment

Magneto’s Hana longboard collection comes with a range of styles including cruiser, pintail, short pintail, and twin. The body is built with bamboo and has a hard maple core which makes it strong and adds to its durability.

The Hana longboard collection is inspired by dark sand beaches. The grip tape helps to exhibit the bamboo deck without affecting the grip. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there is a skateboard from this fine collection for you to choose from.


  • Strong and durable design
  • Ideal for beginners and pros alike
  • Four style options for choose from according to the skater’s preference
  • Provides good speed and can be used for long traveling


  • Slightly expensive
  • Lacks shock absorbers

The Magneto Mini Cruiser is designed for skaters of all ages, kids, teens, and adults. Given its size, the mini cruiser has a super portable design that allows you to take the board and carry it around wherever you go. Being lightweight this skateboard does not take up much space and is easy to store.

The deck is constructed with 6 full plies of Canadian Maple wood that makes it extremely sturdy and durable. It is finished off with a sand grit that offers a good grip and shows off the maple deck. The best thing about the mini cruiser is that it comes with double kick tails. The kicktails add versatility and allow the rider to perform various tricks using the skateboard.


  • Available in six different color options
  • Asymmetrical front and back kick tails
  • Easy to carry because of its small size
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for beginners


  • The wheels are slightly uneven and can be wobbly

What separates the slot machine longboard from the other skateboards on our list is its patent-pending slot. The slot increases the carving capability of the board and ensures smooth turning. If you are into speed racing, then this is the perfect board for you.

Because of the use of ABEC 9 rated bearings, the slot machine longboard will be able to smoothly reach your desired speed. If we are to talk about durability, the deck is designed with a layer of triaxial fiberglass as the bottom ply. Not only does this make the deck extremely strong but allows each side of the deck to withhold independent loads while still being flexible. 


  • The slots make hold load and bend independently
  • Unique and attractive design
  • Suitable for speed racing courtesy of high rated bearings 


  • Relatively expensive

This attractive skateboard is designed by keeping high speed in mind. Constructed using 3K carbon fiber weave, bamboo, and fiberglass this skateboard is meant to last. Along with reduced vibration and road noise, its W-Concavity offers stability and locks your feet into the deck.


  • Has an attractive design in 5 colors
  • Stable and durable
  • Reduced vibration and road noise


  • Requires maintenance

Buying Guide to Best Magneto Skateboards

Now that you know which Magneto skateboards are the best, there are certain things you should keep in mind before making your purchase. This buying guide is to assist you in knowing all that is there to know about skateboards. 

  • Know the types 

There are three main types of skateboards available, the standard skateboard, cruisers, and longboards. If you are a beginner, then standard skateboards are an optimum choice. They have an almost symmetrical nose and tail and are usually ridden with hard wheels. You can use them for nearly every style of skateboarding including skate parks, street skating, and more.

The length of cruiser skateboards is similar to that of a standard skateboard, however, they come in a wide variety of shapes. So you might spot more than the common popsicle shape. Cruiser skateboards are relatively lighter and their soft wheels make them ideal for transportation. They roll smoother and faster on rough surfaces and make maneuvering through urban obstacles easy. 

Heavier than cruiser skateboards, longboards are typically used for long distances and staking at a high speed. The large size of the board makes it easy to learn how to balance and practice stability. 

  • Size 

When talking about what size skateboard you should be getting, you will need to look at the width as well as the length of the skateboard. Getting a skateboard of the right width is crucial as it affects the way and how you master tricks on the board. The width of the board is divided into four categories depending on age and height.

You can simply look up a size chart online to find out what board width is appropriate for you. At the end of the day, what width you choose depends on your preference and the way it feels. The size chart is only provided for your convenience. 

Compared to the width of the skateboard, the length does not matter as much. There are two lengths you can choose from, a full-size skateboard or a mini skateboard. Full-size skateboards are recommended for skaters who are over the age of 10.

Due to its greater surface area, maintaining balance on full-size skateboards is easier. They provide enough stability to maintain your balance, especially when performing tricks.

Mini skateboards as the name suggest having a length of 31 inches or under and a narrower width as well. They are meant for skaters under the age of 10. Mini skateboards are easy to carry and perform tricks on because of their lightweight. 

  • Pre-built or Custom 

You can get either a pre-built skateboard or custom build them. If you are a beginner looking for your first skateboard or gifting a skateboard to someone then pre-built ones are the way to go.

They are designed to keep beginners in mind and have almost every part that might be needed. As they are already built and come as a whole, these skateboards are usually less expensive. The Magneto skateboards featured in this article are all pre-built. 

On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your skateboard and design it according to your style and preference then there is always an option for you to customize your skateboard. Customizing skateboards are more costly as you will need to purchase each part separately. Make sure to look into detailed guides on how to build your own skateboard.


And that’s it! We’re done with our detailed guide on the best skateboard brands in 2021.

Junli, Baker, and Magneto skateboards tend to be quite popular among the youth currently. While you have a list of the best skateboards, it’s up to your personal preferences on which to settle for. It is essential to remember that all skateboards do not work the same and aren’t for everyone- make your pick according to your skill level.

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