Top 5 Best Skateboard Decks for 2021 (Reviewed)

Regardless of age, people from all walks of life are fond of skateboarding. Why wouldn’t they be? The sport has so much to offer – from free riding to high adrenaline tricks. Apart from the obvious health benefits, there are many social advantages up for grabs.

The skateboard deck is one of the most obvious components of a skateboard. If you’re a newbie buyer, you can feel overwhelmed with all the choices laid out in front of you. There is a reason picking the best skateboard decks asks for some basic knowledge in that department. 

Don’t fret as we have brought our top picks of the skateboard decks that you will love – no matter which level you are on or what your budget is.

Top 5 Best Skateboard Decks of 2021




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Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks

Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks

Available in three sizes: 8.25” x 32”; 31.75” x 8”; or 7.75” x 31.5”

Made of 6-ply bamboo and maple wood

Environment friendly

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck

Comes in 7.75” and 8” sizes

Made of 7-ply maple and bamboo

Completely customizable

Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck

Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck

Lighter, stronger, thinner than 7-ply

Made of hard rock maple, high-strength fiberglass, and AirLam

Eco-friendly production

Skateboard Collective Blank Skateboard Deck

Skateboard Collective Blank Skateboard Deck

Made of 7-ply of hard-rock Canadian maple

8.5” pointed noise variation and 9” of shovelnose options

Maximum weight capacity: 220 lbs

CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck

CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck

7-ply Canadian maple construction

Varying color stains on deck

Comes in 3 sizes: Mini, cruiser, and standard

1. Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks – Best Overall

Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks

The Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks is easily the best skateboard deck on today’s list. It’s available in a wide variety of styles including Forest, Power, Nebula, Cloud, Slash, Diamond, Camo, and much more. These designs are meant to showcase the beauty of beachy-themed graphics, perfect for free-spirted skaters who love casual riding and carving.

In contrast, the longboards are ideal for downhill raising and cruising and higher speeds. Bamboo Skateboards is a brand for people who wish to take their skateboarding journey to the next level. Apart from being durable and aesthetic, the boards are made from bamboo from well-managed forests, making them an environment friendly choice the world needs. The decks from Bamboo Skateboard have gained popularity in the market for multiple reasons. 

First of all, beginners get a specialized griptape meant to be attached to the surface of the board to enhance adherence and looks. Secondly, the designs are rather unique, an important factor when the price point is considered. Thirdly, the 6-ply bamboo and maple wood blend construction provides a top-notch, long-lasting performance. This is why these decks are considered a decent alternative to maple.

The combination is created to maintain strength while boosting sustainability. On top of that, bamboos are light materials offering an excellent pop. Not only are they stronger, but they also work better in absorbing shocks than regular maple decks.


  • Nature-friendly
  • Offers an exceptional pop
  • Flexible
  • Works well for various skill levels
  • Affordable


  • Might snap after a month’s use
  • Not customizable

2. Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck – Runner-Up

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck

If plain and simple is your goal, you will love the Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck. With an elegant minimalistic design, the deck impresses with price tag and offered convenience. 

Many people prefer customizing their decks from head to toe, so this deck comes completely bare and ready to soak in your creativity. The 7-ply maple and bamboo construction gives it much needed strength. It comes in a steep concave style where the nose and tail are raised. Originally from a Chinese brand, Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Decks come in a bunch of different colors. We really love how this deck provides all-round smooth and comfortable ride. Any skater regardless of skill level can use it.

Given its affordable pricing, it will be ideal for aspiring skaters will a low budget on the lookout to purchase a starter kit. Many beginners don’t want to spend a lot on their first every skateboard deck, and neither is it very justifiable. Aside from the usual use of skateboarding, this deck can be used freely as a replacement board or an art project even. Redefining best skateboard decks a little!

For all the artists who want to showcase their creativity on skateboard art, this board can be the blank canvas they have always wanted. Generally, skateboarders are known to be creative minds. Also, since the deck is blank, you don’t have to spend time scrubbing the lacquer to get rid of the graphics – saving you much energy and energy in prepping the deck for painting or decorating.


  • For all ages
  • Strong and durable
  • Best budget
  • Steep concave to make hard turns and ollies easier
  • Customizable


  • Problems with stained color/color inconsistencies
  • Feels quite thin

3. Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck

Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck

Power-Peralta decks boast stellar construction of the best quality materials – hard rock maple from the US, high-quality fiberglass, and AirLam. Every single graphics has been developed using non-solvent based inks and paints in-house to make the production as eco-friendly as possible.

Typically, these decks come stronger and thinner than a 7-ply. Within an hour or two, you get the total feel of the skateboard as you can freely perform many tricks that would otherwise be harder to do on regular 7-ply decks.

On top of that, these best skateboard decks are loved for allowing the riders to test their limits. Tricks can be performed easier, flip quicker, and reach higher. This particular model has been assessed and backed by their highly proficient group of pro skaters to ensure best quality. 

You can get them in a variety of designs and sizes. According to the manufacturer, some improvements have been made to these decks. They are now 10% lighter, 25% thinner, but 10x more longer-lasting pop as well as 200% stronger.

The decks are made of 5-ply maple and 2-ply fiberglass with epoxy to add to the durability. All of Powell Peralta Flight skateboard decks must pass a tough test before being qualified to be presented to the market. 


  • Lasts longer
  • Greater rebound and snap
  • Thinner yet stronger
  • Backed by an elite team that ensures quality


  • A little expensive

4. Skateboard Collective Blank Skateboard Deck

Skateboard Collective Blank Skateboard Deck

Skateboard Collective’s development process heavily focuses on state-of-the-art lamination utilizing hard-rock Canadian maple; the perfect way to assure retention of the pleasant pop and rigidness of the deck.

It comes with a natural bottom so you can entirely personalize it with any artwork, desired colors, or brand swage. Spray-paints and other paints/ink can be used to your heart’s desire on this deck. Aside from being one of the best skateboard decks in the practicality department, the Blank Skateboard Deck from Skateboard Collective also impresses in colorful top sheet range. It’s constructed from 7 plies of maple which makes the base nice and sturdy.

If you’re running on a budget but still want to put your own unique touch on your skateboard, this deck is budget-friendly and durable to meet all your requirements. It will resist up to 220 pounds. Feel free to perform tricks because the concavity on these decks makes it much easier.


  • Random topsheets
  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Excellent quality


  • A bit steeps
  • Chips too easy

5. CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck

CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck

Although originally advertised for beginners and inexperience skateboarders, the CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck works pretty well for performing many tricks as well as cruising. The high-quality maple wood blend construction gives it some much needed flexibility and stiffness. As it’s completely bear, you can let your creative juices flow – go crazy with the stencils, paintings, and drawings.

You can also buy the same model in traditional maple construction and a popsicle shape. Keep in mind that you only get the deck with this one, no grip. Grab the deck is three sizes: Mini – 27.75” x 7”; Cruiser – 27” x 7.5”; and Standard – 32” x 7.5” –  8.5”.

One superb feature of this skateboard deck is the alterations in wood stain. The top boards feature a variety of stain colors. The stain will be covered when you grip the skateboard deck, ultimately not affecting board style.


  • Tons of color choices
  • Cost efficient
  • Customizable
  • Varying color stains


  • Tendency to break easier

Concluding Thoughts

Each one of the best skateboard decks selected possess their own level of performance, quality, purpose, and uniqueness. But you will be able to make the choice after reviewing their specifications and features.

Check out latest price of our top pick on Amazon. 

Given how skateboarding is an individual activity, your choice of brand and type of deck should match your personal style.

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