Top 5 Best Skateboard Trucks for 2021 (Reviewed)

A truck is a must-have accessory for your skateboard. This T-shape instrument keeps the board safe. Finding the best skateboard trucks can be confusing if you aren’t sure of what makes “good” trucks. 

But once you are aware of a few basic concepts, it’s one of the easier decisions while putting together a complete skateboard. Today’s guide is dedicated to helping you pick the best skateboard trucks as well as presenting our favorites for 2021.

If this is your first time buying skate trucks, your primary focus should be buying a pair with an axle width the same as that if your skateboard deck. If not the exact same, it should be as close as possible.

Before presenting our top 5 best skateboard trucks, we will be going through the parts of a truck and how they work to make the board turn.

Skateboard Trucks 101

First things first, you need to understand all the parts of a skate trucks.

  1. Baseplate – Attached to the deck and accommodates the pivot cup and kingpin.
  2. Hanger – T-shaped; holds the pivot and the axle.
  3. Axle – Goes through the hangers while extending to hold the bearings and wheels on each end.
  4. Pivot – Component of the hanger that reached into the pivot cup (baseplate’s part) and holds the axis for making turns.
  5. Pivot cup – Accommodates and cushions the baseplate’s pivot and can be replaced if damaged.
  6. Kingpin – It is mounted on the baseplate; extends through the hanger and bushings to hold the bits together.
  7. Bushings – Changeable urethane cushions attached on the kingpin on two sides of the hanger for more stability. 
  8. Kingpin nut – Applies compression on the bushings to make adjusting easier; holds the trucks in one place.

There are two primary kinds of skateboard trucks that are equally functional and fun for various types of riding.

Skateboard Trucks – Standard Kingpin

The regular skateboard trucks are the most versatile of the trucks and be used for all types of skateboarding. They can be adjusted easily by loosening or tightening so it’s easy to change the way the board turns.

These are the best skateboard trucks for street skating, skateparks and bowls.

Longboard Trucks – Reverse Kingpin

Reverse Kingpin are best for cruising and carving, or skating down hills fast. These skateboard trucks are usually wider and taller than the average kingpin trucks but highly customizable to facilitate many kinds of riding.

Top 5 Best Best Skateboard Trucks in 2021




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Independent Skateboard Trucks

Independent Skateboard Trucks

356 T6 Aluminum hanger and baseplate

Grade 8 kingpin

Solid Chromoly steel axle

Bear Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Bear Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Specialized casting formula

Fully-wrapped leaning system equipped with bushing base lock-in

Widened rear baseplate legs

Independent Silver 139mm Trucks

Independent Silver 139mm Trucks

139mm wide

Set of 2 lo trucks

4140 Chromoly steel axles

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Comes in a variety of colors

Aluminum alloy construction

Perfect fit on 7.75” deck

Caliber Truck Co. Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks

Caliber Truck Co. Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks

Reinforced baseplate

Pressed-in kingpin

Blood Orange Ultra High Rebound Bushings 89a

1. Independent Skateboard Trucks – Best Overall

Independent Skateboard Trucks

The Independent Stage 11 skate trucks aren’t fancy, to put it in simple words. It comes in a set of two trucks of a basic silver color coated with a metallic finish. But, for that affordable a price tag, the trucks are incredibly durable, well made, and ensure smooth riding. It’s easy to see why these have a near perfect rating on Amazon. 

The best part of these trucks is that they work on almost all types of skateboards and are perfect for decks within 7.4 to 8 inches in width. Coming with a Chromoly steel axle as well as a 356 T6 aluminum hanger, these trucks are strong yet lightweight.

In addition, a grade 8 kingpin and Supercrush cushions are provided with this set. The 55-milimeter trucks offer improved clearance and don’t get stuck on grinds. We really enjoy how these trucks boast such great stability and turning ability.


  • Amazing turning ability and stability
  • Durable
  • Great value for money
  • Fits decks between 7.4” – 8” in width


  • Don’t come with hardware to mount to the deck

2. Bear Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks – Runner-Up

Bear Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks

We think it’s safe to conclude that every other skateboarder looks for speed when they cruise. Speed equals to momentum, and that comes from an easier ride. An easier ride starts with trucks. If you are looking to switch your skateboard’s regular hardware for something with more of a zip, the BEAR Grizzly 852 trucks are the one for you.

These are 181-milimeter trucks made entirely of durable, high-quality aluminum. BEAR, the brand, truly cares about versatility and it’s very evident in the 852s. You can effortlessly your new trucks to your skateboard’s deck regardless of any old or new mounting style thanks to 13-hole mounting deck. Plus, the trucks are a fit with any shape or size of bushing.


  • Excellent carving trucks
  • Versatile, beginner pair
  • Extremely stable
  • Smooth riding


  • Somewhat pricey

3. Independent Silver 139mm Trucks

Independent Silver 139mm Trucks

As a rule of thumb, mid-height trucks are considered to be good for street riding. However, many people opt for low height trucks for their visits to the skatepark, choosing smooth landing and stability over a bigger turning radius. Independent Trucks’ Silver 139mm trucks are an incredibly high grade and frill-less low height truck choice. Just for your information, low-height trucks are great for performing tricks.

The 4140 Chromoly steel axles boast a chic, raw silver shade and it’s pleasantly durable. Featuring a better-drilled baseplate to improve balance, these US-made trucks can be known to an average skater bead as a developed version of the Stage 10 trucks from Independent. Additionally, they come with a high center of gravity alongside a grade 8 kingpin. The 8” axle makes this perfect for all sizes of decks between 7.5” to 8.5”.


  • Great workmanship
  • Ideal for Lo trucks
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Fits perfectly on most boards


  • Produces a little noise initially but it fades with time

4. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Havoc trucks are visually a little different from an average model on the market. Simply, they seem to have less material. As a result of the extra skinniness, your board becomes much lighter without missing out any major functions of other good trucks. In addition, the lightweight aluminum alloy composition makes for strong trucks without contributing much to the weight. 

One really unique feature about these trucks is how they’re available in a wide range of fun, vibrant colors like pink, green, light blue and more. After all, who wants to blend into the lockers?

Coming back to the operation side, these trucks fit a large range of board sizes and types, with the perfect on a 7.75” deck. You will get all the hardware required for mounting plus wheels and griptape. All the features plus color options give it an easy spot on our best skateboard trucks list.


  • Feel broken-in from the first moment
  • Comes with a hardware bundle at an affordable price
  • Perfect for beginners or kids
  • Lightweight


  • Not the most sturdy
  • Stock bushings too stiff

5. Caliber Truck Co. Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks

Caliber Truck Co. Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks

Whether you like a more stable ride or something carvier when you ride around on pavements or in a skatepark, you have to be heavily reliant on good trucks to deliver smooth performance. Caliber Truck Co. makes some of the best skateboard trucks out there, and the Cal II 50° RKP is our personal favorite. They are definitely the best for longboards

The smooth and sleek trucks are available in many different colors including red, blue, gold, and the basic black. Depending on preference, these adjustable trucks can be mounted to be more stable or carvy. The Caliber II builds on the specification of the Caliber I but adds a stronger construction.

Additionally, a non-slip bushing seat is a unique feature of this longboard truck for added stability and improved predictable movement.


  • Improved contact area with bushing
  • Better kingpin than Caliber I
  • Non-slip bushing seat


  • Loud
  • Not for higher speeds

Bottom Line

You spend so much time on deciding which skateboard to get, so do your research to get the best skateboard trucks. They safeguard the bearings and wheels.

Check out latest price of our top pick on Amazon.

If you are assembling your skateboard, this accessory gains even more importance. So it’s time to pay equal attention to trucks! 

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